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Custom Microneedling with Mask $240.00

90 minutes

Microneedling with Dermaplaning $200.00

90 minutes

Microneedling with Microderm $185.00

90 minutes


Topical numbing cream is applied and left to set for about 10 minutes. A serum is then applied all over the face and the inno pen is moved back and forth over the client’s face and neck. The inno pen is made up of tiny needles that are moving up and down to achieve evenly spaced microtears in the skin in order to allow the serum to be evenly distributed.  Inno Pen is used to intensify transdermal delivery for cosmetic, topical, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments.

The microtears created by the inno pen, cause the skin to start a wound healing response. Resulting in the infusion of the serum with the skin and a drastic increase in collagen production. It also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and overall texture. This procedure is completely customizable and can be used for anti-aging benefits, pigmentation issues, as well as acne scars. All of this can be achieved with this safe, and virtually painless treatment with little to no downtime.

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Lotus Illumination Peel

A unique acid peel utilizing the exotic lotus flower, Lotus peel is a new, cutting edge lightening with free radical scavenging capabilities and more brightening capabilities due to its ability to hold its efficacy in lower pH acids. The Lotus Peel offers anti-inflammatory and natural lightening benefits with less damage on a molecular level from free- radical stress. With the added benefits of salicylic and gluconic acid, this advanced peel is a gentle solution for those with sensitive skin; the results- a brighter complexion, smoother skin tone, and younger- looking skin.

Extremely beneficial for those who struggle with acne. Works to breakdown damaged skin cells, stimulating cellular rejuvenation while softening fine lines, lightening skin tone, and improving overall health of the skin.

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The Hot Tomato

This is a potent enzyme for the treatment of acne and impure skins, containing naturally occurring acids from tomato. The Hot Tomato peel provides antiseptic, antibacterial,  and exfoliating properties. Tomato contains many acids that are known to assist in the control of acne- Glycolic acid, Ascorbic acid, Acetic acid, Chlorogenic acid, Malic acid, Lactic acid, and Tartaric acid- as well as sulfur, Squalene, Zinc, Selenium.

Tomato enzyme peel has a depigment properties and is especially suited for acne prone skins, oily, and impure skins. The Hot Tomato peel provides regenerating and exfoliating benefits as well as antioxidant properties, making it a versatile enzyme for photo- aged and hyper pigmented skin. Added benefit is the brightening of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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Skin Recovery Peel

Great for photo-damaged, unhealthy, and aging skin. This peel will exfoliate the skin, softening acne lesions, and cysts. While aiding the healing of lesion and the reduction of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

A deep skin peel reaches the deepest intra-epidermal layers where skin peels in large segments. The typical recovery period lasts seven to ten days, with the treatment allowed up to twice per year. A deep peel restores and renews skin with the most dramatic results.

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The Refresher

Very beneficial for aging, pigmented, dull and environmentally- challenged complexions. This peel utilizes microdermabrasion, and Excellent treatment to increase circulation while incorporating microdermabrasion to mechanically exfoliate the skin, Completing this treatment is the introduction of our Mandelic Complex to brighten, stimulate collagen and provide antioxidant protection.

A progressive skin peel is the mildest course of treatment, removing only the outer layer of the stratum corneum with no visible peeling. Repeated treatments on a regular schedule, up to once a week, will cause mild exfoliation for the skin with cumulative effects. This is best described as a mild, yet refining, peel.

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